Best Stydia moments » Season 3A 

i might be on hiatus ‘til my finals end so i made this (i spent literally 4 hours making this crappy gifset) as a gift! 



Lydia relieved that Stiles isn’t dead. (3x18) (3x24)


hate to be betty-buzz kill but i think everyone was a little bit relieved stiles isn’t bloody dead

Well, yeah i know that! But If you looked closely you would see that Lydia showed more relief (?) and obviously they would be but as i said Lydia was the most relieved of them all, the way she breathed out air when Sheriff Stilinski said “He’s fine” and after that she pretty much zoned out not giving attention to the conversation. And this gifset is obviously Stydia-Centric and i didn’t say “Lydia was the most relieved that Stiles isn’t dead” i said “Lydia relieved that Stiles isn’t dead” so if you noticed i didn’t exclude the others as well.

Lydia relieved that Stiles isn’t dead. (3x18) (3x24)

Third time I’ve changed the date for Allison’s death because recently I noticed that Teen Wolf is actually still set in 2011 and if you still don’t understand read this timeline

I am sorry i mixed up dates i only just now noticed i put 1997 and i was utterly shocked so i corrected it to 1995!